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L'Originelle 2018
Cuvée l'Originelle 2018 - Vin rosé

16,70 TTC

Cuvée La Didascalie 2018 - Vin blanc

28,00 TTC

Huile d'olive Bio - Fruité mûr

27,00 TTC

La Didascalie 2019
Cuvée La Didascalie 2019 - Vin blanc

26,00 TTC

Rosé Provence Domaine Beauvence
Cuvée L'Originelle 2019 - Edition Spéciale - Vin Rosé

24,00 TTC

Cuvée L'Apartée 2018 - Vin Rouge

31,20 TTC

Huile d'olive Bio - Fruité Vert

27,00 TTC

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Cuvée l’Originelle 2018 – Rosé wine

This blend of black Grenache and the aged Ugni Blanc vines, gives this very pale rosé a hint of red fruits, making it a generous and refined wine.

Cuvée La Didascalie 2018 – White wine

This blend of Roll and Ugni Blanc, aged partly in barrels, gives rise to a full-bodied wine with delicate notes of white-fleshed fruits and a hint of vanilla.

First cold pressed olive oil – Fruité mûr

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from our olive groves and is free of any chemical products. Our oil is certified organic (certifying body – Qualisud). It is also certified by AOP Haute Provence. The Fruité Mûr (riper fruit) is characterised by a softer oil with hints of dried fruits.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Fiche technique vins

Domaine Beauvence, L'Originelle, Rosé 2018

Domaine Beauvence, La Didascalie, Blanc 2018




PGI Mediterranean


– L'Originelle
– La Didascalie


– Rosé
– White


– Grenache noir, Ugni blanc (L'Originelle)
– Roll, Ugni blanc (La Didascalie)


– 12° (L'Originelle)
– 13° (La Didascalie)




Premium range natural cork – Wax sealed


– Wooden crate, 3 bottles, 3x75cl
– Cardboard box, 6 bottles, 6 x 75cl


Sustainable cultivation. Harvested by hand. Fully destemmed. Fermentation in temperature-controlled vats, Direct pressing.


The l'Originelle 2018 Cuvée offers a silky, elegant rosé. On the nose and in the mouth, you will experience the refined scents of aromatic flowers typical of the Haute Provence area, such as rosemary and hawthorn.


To be tasted at a temperature of 8-10°C (rosé) and 10-11°C (white)


To be consumed between 2019 and 2020 (rosé) and between 2019 and 2022 (white)

Accords mets et vins

Light and fresh, L'Originelle is the ideal aperitif for summer evenings.

La Disdascalie should be enjoyed as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to grilled fish or goat's cheese.

À Savoir

Thank you for choosing Beauvence Domain.
We take great care to ensure your pleasure and satisfaction.
We produce our wines as naturally as possible. We have chosen to use natural corks, which remain the gold standard for great wines. Cork trees are also a precious resource for the planet, as a cork oak captures twice as much CO2 as any other tree.
Our corks are selected to meet the highest requirements. But a natural chemical reaction is always a possibility, leading to a "cork" flavour when you taste the wine. If this happens, please send us the cork for analysis. Attach a copy of your receipt and we will send you an equivalent bottle at no extra cost.
We use soft wax that does not crumble. To open your bottle, simply insert the corkscrew directly into the cork, without removing the wax.

Fiche technique huile

Extra virgin first cold pressed organic olive oil

Note et senteurs

The Fruité Mûr is characterised by a softer oil with hints of dried fruits.


For the Fruité Mûr, the olives are harvested in mid-November and are pressed within 24 hours using a stone-ground mill and a vertical press with pressing mats. The maturity of the olives gives a softer oil, which is less intense but retains its scented flavour which lingers in the mouth.


520 50cl bottles


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